The aims of the Science Curriculum at Walsgrave are:

• To inspire a sense of excitement and curiosity about the world around us

• To develop scientific skills including questioning, investigating, observing and drawing conclusions

• To develop scientific knowledge and understanding

• To use scientific concepts to explain everyday occurrences

• To explore and appreciate the work of a range of great British and World scientists.

Delivering the Science Curriculum at Walsgrave:

Our Science curriculum starts in Early Years. Children develop their understanding of the world through a range of hands-on experiences, including exploring their surroundings using the senses, and discovering more about the natural world.

In Years 1-6, Science is planned and delivered following Inspire Education Trust’s own Science long-term plan. Children’s skills are developed through cohesive units of work based around the three disciplines within Science: Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

Science is taught through motivating and engaging half term units such as ‘Let’s Grow!’ ‘The Chemistry Kitchen’ and ‘Danger: Low Voltage!’ Science units are built on the following teaching sequence: