External Agencies

To ensure we meet the variety of special educational needs to the best of our ability; the advice of outside professionals is invaluable. Each term school holds a planning meeting with outside professionals where we seek direct input for specific children or ask for general advice and how to use different strategies and develop our practise. Some of the agencies Walsgrave currently working with.

SEMHL –Social, Emotional, Mental Health and Learning

SEMHL work with school in a variety of ways. They might work with individuals, groups, classes or in staff training at termly planning meetings. When working with children parents must give their consent and their views are requested before work begins. In line with the Code of Practice SEMHL place the child at the heart of provision. When they meet pupils they talk to them about the things they are good at, the areas they find trickier and what they would like to improve in. After a learning assessment, SEMHL professionals are keen to gain parents views and allow parents to voice their own concerns. They will arrange a meeting and where possible Walsgrave will try to ensure class teachers are also present. The information from parents, pupil and school is used alongside specialist assessments to help schools meet specific needs and develop the next steps for learning. Recommendations for supportive strategies and interventions which will have a positive impact on pupil’s progress are provided to school.



EPS-Educational Psychology Service

The Educational Psychology Service is a team of educational psychologists who work with schools and parents/carers to promote the educational, personal and social development of children and young people. They are flexible and work with individuals, with groups and across the wider school community. http://www.coventry.gov.uk/eps

SaLT- Speech and Language Therapy Service

When a referral is made by school, SaLT will contact parents and request they take the child to a clinic to be assessed. When assessments have been made, speech and language therapists visit school regularly to assess children and deliver interventions to develop children’s speech and understanding of language. They set specific targets to help school and parents work with the children. http://www.coventrychildrensslt.co.uk/

CCT – Complex Communication Team

CCT (including autism) is an education service that support pupils in schools. For more information visit the Education page. CTT is a support service which specialises in communication, including educational speech and language provision. In the past Walsgrave has had training for using Makaton sign language. Teachers from CTT are often in school supporting children with a diagnosis of autism. They assess how the children are coping with the demands of the school day and depending on need, they work with teachers and children to develop strategies to overcome difficulties and remove barriers to learning.

CAHMS- Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services

Children and young people and their families can be referred to CAMHS if children are finding it hard to cope with family life, school or the wider world. If these difficulties are too much for family, friends or GPs to help with, CAMHS may be able to assist. Types of problems CAMHS can help with include violent or angry behaviour, depression, eating difficulties, low self-esteem, anxiety, obsessions or compulsions, sleep problems, self-harming and the effects of abuse or traumatic events. CAMHS can also diagnose and treat serious mental health problems such as bipolar disorder and schizophrenia.