The aims of the Languages Curriculum at Walsgrave are:

• To inspire a love of languages and a curiosity in another language and its people

• To build spoken language skills, developing speakers who can communicate in a modern foreign language across a range of meaningful contexts

• To explore the world beyond their own culture and develop an awareness and empathy of the multilingual and multicultural society that we are living in

• To enable expression of ideas and thoughts in another language including response to speakers both in speech and in writing

• To further develop an understanding of their own language and to make comparisons with a modern foreign language, enriching their understanding of both.

Languages lessons at Walsgrave:

Initially, Year 2 children have the opportunity to take part in an extra-curricular Spanish club to give them a ‘taster’ in learning a Modern Foreign Language.

Once children move into Key Stage 2, Spanish is taught as a compulsory curriculum subject.

Our Key stage 2 Languages Curriculum raises awareness of their own language as well as making comparisons with the foreign language. We promote contextualized learning as well as teaching stand-alone vocabulary sessions. Children are taught about both their language and the cultural aspects of the Spanish-speaking world. This increases our children’s cultural understanding by learning about different countries, cultures and their people.